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Medications and Old-time Remedies

Welcome to my medications collection page.  Here you will find some very unique and interesting items, some dating back to as early as 1906.  I find it fascinating to see some of the remedies that were common so long ago.  Sorry, none of these items are available for sale.

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doans pills.jpg (160889 bytes)
Doan's Pills for relief of Backache
2 1/2" tall
Contents removed
Date unknown
carters liver pills front.jpg (83320 bytes)  carters liver pills view 2.jpg (88379 bytes)  carters liver pills view 3.jpg (88476 bytes)
Carter's Little Liver Pills, a laxative aiding bile flow 
2 1/4" tall
Complete contents
Date unknown
carters liver pills book front.jpg (141346 bytes)  carters liver pills book back.jpg (118804 bytes)
Carter's Little Liver Pills "Happy Days" booklet
5 3/4 X 3 1/2"
Date unknown
caffeine pills front.jpg (102334 bytes)  caffeine pills left side.jpg (117675 bytes)  caffeine pills right side.jpg (112122 bytes)
Parke-Davis Caffeine Citrated
2 5/8" tall
Half contents
Date unknown
olive tabs front.jpg (136322 bytes)  olive tabs back.jpg (125424 bytes)
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets
2 3/8" tall
Contents removed
Date unknown
ludens cough drops front.jpg (107382 bytes)  ludens cough drops back.jpg (148223 bytes)
Luden's Menthol cough Drops
4" long
Unopened, still in cellophane
Date unknown
tums container.jpg (107378 bytes)  tums and container.jpg (96967 bytes)  
Tums container with Tums
2 1/4" tall
Unopened package
Date unknown
anusol front.jpg (159501 bytes)  anusol back.jpg (138310 bytes)
Anusol Physician's Sample
1 5/8" long
Contains all 3 original suppositories
Date unknown
ex lax top.jpg (158053 bytes)  ex lax bottom.jpg (142674 bytes)
Ex-Lax tin
Contents removed
1 11/16" square
Date unknown
goiter front.jpg (94065 bytes)  goiter view 2.jpg (91011 bytes)  goiter view 3.jpg (92053 bytes)
Warner's Renowned Simple Goiter Medicine
2 1/8" tall
Contains most of original product
Date unknown
parke davis throat drops front.jpg (153569 bytes)  parke davis throat drops back.jpg (132262 bytes)  parke davis throat drops side.jpg (108647 bytes)
Parke-Davis Medicated Throat Discs
3 3/8 X 2 3/4
Contents removed
Date unknown, but must be before the 1970's since chloroform was outlawed in over-the-counter medications at that time. 
I found this info in a personal blog "The dime-size lozenges were neatly arranged in stacks of three. There were 90 lozenges in a box, as I recall. A new box was wrapped in plastic, and inside, it had a little sheet of paper over the lozenges to keep them exactly in place. As soon as the first lozenge was removed, the remaining lozenges could slide around, and the perfect order inside the box was lost."  This person also said that the chloroform had a "zing" to it and that these discs were quite effective for sore throats and coughs.
dr chases nerve pills top.jpg (137678 bytes)  dr chases nerve pills bottom.jpg (143387 bytes)  dr chases nerve pills view 1.jpg (133177 bytes)  dr chases nerve pills view 2.jpg (138648 bytes)  dr chases nerve pills view 3.jpg (127841 bytes)  
Dr. A.W. Chase's Nerve Pills
2" diameter

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