My CD Collection from A-Z

You will notice upon browsing my CD collection that there is music from many different genres.  While my love of music has always been a constant in my life, the types of music I listen to changes from year to year, day to day and minute to minute.  Jump straight to the music collection (skip my history).

My Music-Listening History

I was an 80’s kid and I listened to all the normal popular stuff on the radio at the time---Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Quiet Riot, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard.  I also remember hearing a lot of the now “classic rock” songs back then too.  I remember ending out the 80’s being heavily into the B-52’s.  I had all their albums on vinyl.  Also around this time, I had a penpal from Holland (we still keep in touch but use e-mail now) and he got me into a band called Mucky Pup.  Although they were from New Jersey, they had a much bigger following in Europe.  Anyhow, I have all their tapes and CDs and I still love them today---saw them play live twice.  Van Halen and ZZ Top also survived the test of time and I've seen them each once live.  I even listen to Michael Jackson once in a while.  Although I don't listen to the others I mentioned above on a regular basis, I still have an appreciation for their music.

Then came the 90’s, and that’s when I got into a lot of punk, grunge, and alternative rock---Skinny Puppy, The Misfits, The Exploited, Nirvana, Bauhaus, Jane’s Addiction, Ministry, Pigface, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Skin Yard.  This is also when I succumbed to peer pressure and began finally buying tapes instead of records (I was the last of my friends to convert---I hated having to wait to rewind and fast forward songs with tapes and I guess I wasn’t as much into quality then because I didn’t mind the ticking and crackling sounds of the record, and I would just make tapes of my records to listen to in the car and edit out the songs I didn’t like).  Also at this time, I was into Fishbone and Operation Ivy, more ska-based music.  I also got into the Doors, Hendrix and Pink Floyd around this time.

1992-1995 was a big turning point in my life.  I started hanging out with a different group of friends (it was my senior year and many of my previous friends were older than me and were not at my high school anymore).  I became very much into rap---Cypress Hill, Lords of the Underground, Ice Cube, Ice T, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Outkast, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, the Beatnuts.   I did occasionally listen to other things, for example, Joe Satriani is a guitarist that I loved then and still love today.  Also, in 1995-1996, I got into jazz music---Herbie Hancock, Chieli Minucci, Kenny Burrell, Doc Powell. 

Then came The Steve Vai Fire Garden Tour.  It was in late 1997 when I saw Steve Vai in concert.  One of my rap-loving friends actually took me to the show, saying I would like this guy, even though I’d never heard of him in my life.  After that show, I bought every Steve Vai album there was and it was about 75% of what I listened to on my own time.  In fact, when I got the Ultra Zone album, it didn't leave my car CD player for about a year.  I knew every aspect of it by heart.  The only other thing that happened at this time that changed my music interests was my job at a facility that made metalworking fluids.  I was involved in the chemistry part of it---testing everything to make sure it met the specifications using different lab equipment.  Anyhow, if it was my turn to listen to the radio in our lab, I wasn’t allowed to listen to my “hard rock” stations because that was just too much for the other employees, so they were willing to settle for classic rock.  So during this time, I learned 99% of the common classic rock song titles and artists.  I even got into many of the bands and bought CDs.  Since then, I’ve been on a mission to see a lot of the classic rock artists in concert, since it may soon be their last show.  Some examples of bands I've seen from this time period are The Who, Elton John, Peter Frampton, Carlos Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Deep Purple, The Doobie Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad, Yes, Steely Dan.

August 1999 marked the biggest turning point in musical direction in my life thus far.  It was my introduction to Frank Zappa by a new friend made at a camping and music festival.  He was a Zappa fanatic and transferred all of this to me (funny thing is that now, he hardly listens to Zappa anymore).  I remembered back in high school someone had asked me if I liked Zappa and I didn’t even know who they were talking about.  They responded that I seemed like someone who would like his music---I guess they were right.  Had I explored his music back then, I may have listened and dismissed it because I was not ready for it yet.  I'm glad I had the chance to experience so much other music first.  When I found out from my new friend that Steve Vai (my absolute favorite musician at the time) played with Frank Zappa in his bands, I was even more surprised that I’d never listened to Zappa before.  Anyways, his music changed my whole life.  I bought several new CDs every week (there were over 70 to choose from).  I bought all the DVDs and VHS tapes I could find (and continue to do so), including items from E-bay unavailable anywhere else.  I’m not kidding when I say that I listened to about 97% Zappa for about 4 years straight!  In 2003, I created my art car dedicated to him because he has brought me so much listening (and viewing) enjoyment and was such an amazing person beyond his music (as I found out after also reading extensively about him and buying every book I could find, the best being his own autobiography).  I have never found anyone to surpass what he has done for music and I don’t think I ever will.  1999 also marks the year that I first saw the Allman Brothers in concert.  One of my first internet dates took me (funny thing is, we're still friends after all these years).  I saw them pretty much every year after that on my own.  They always put on a great show and I always have fun dancing.

During 2004-2006, I finally started listening to other musicians again besides Zappa (after driving my friends crazy for years with my fanaticism).  I mostly listened to guitar-based music though, like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, John Scofield, Santana, Vinnie Moore.

2007 is when I got more into funk music.  I think it started with me listening more to Parliament Funkadelic and buying some of their albums.  Then I just branched out to listening to Roger and Zapp, the Gap band, The Dazz Band, the Commodores.  I also bought some rap albums this year.  At the end of 2007, my car CD player broke and I had to listen to old tapes for a while.  I discovered I still liked some of the old bands and replaced some of my favorite high school tapes with CD versions.  I re-purchased some Skin Yard, Corrosion of Conformity and Ministry.

2008 cannot be described by any particular genre of music, although I have been listening to a lot of rap and funk.  I was happy to make some new discoveries:  The Basiqs, Froggadelic, Isaac Hayes, The Brothers Johnson, Twista, and Nas to name a few.

For the first 13 days of 2009, I was captivated by the self-titled Organized Konfusion album that arrived from Amazon on new year's eve.  I seriously could not listen to anything else, even though I had other new albums waiting in the shrink wrap.  I must have listened to that album 50-60 times before putting in another CD.  I would judge it to be one of the top 5 best rap/hip-hop albums I've ever heard.  In general, I consider a good rap album to have 5-7 songs on it that I would want to play more than once.  Those qualifications alone are hard to come by (in my opinion).  The whole Organized Konfusion album is good and there is no need to skip any songs.  The two main guys in the band, Pharoahe Monch and Prince Poetry are amazing rappers with such an incredible flow and an excellent vocabulary.  Because they sound rather similar, when they trade back and forth, it sounds like one continuous rap.  And they're so fast it takes many listens just to hear all the words, but the good thing is that one can actually understand what is being said because they are very articulate even when speaking fast (I have trouble understanding lyrics in a lot of songs).  Unlike most rap of today that is filled with vulgar language and content, this album is not---in all the times I've listened, I've never heard the F-word.  While I have learned to not care so much about the words in rap songs if I like the music behind it, I'm glad I don't have to tune out the words on this album.  Also, most rap of today is just a bunch of samples and not very many layers making up the background music.  This album has some real guitar and sax.  One song has a well-chosen sample of Steely Dan's "Green Earring".  There are so many layers of sounds to listen to that I didn't even notice a few things until I heard it on headphones.  And no rap album is complete without a dope rhyme about chicken---this one's got it, including a remix that is quite different from the original.  Didn't think I was going to write a big paragraph about one album, but I guess you can tell how much I like it!  I also bought their second album but wouldn't rate it as highly.  Still some good songs, but a few I'd skip over.  They also added A LOT more vulgarity, which I was surprised by.  They must have thought it might help sell more albums, but it must not have because the reason they broke up was due to poor album sales.

May 18, 2009, is the date that Darwin, my beloved border collie of almost 15 years, passed on.  It was Joe Satriani who helped me through these times, musically speaking.  I listened to nothing but Satriani albums for two weeks straight.  When I was driving, it was easy to get sad and think about Darwin, but because I knew all of Satriani's solos so well, I could just let the music take me away from the pain and concentrate on all the next notes that would be coming up.  Then after this time period, I started pulling out a lot of the Zappa albums that I only listened to once or twice and started gaining a new appreciation.  I especially like "Roxy and Elsewhere", "Jazz From Hell" and "Cheap Thrills" now, which are albums I never really listened to before.  Part of the reason is that when I first got into Zappa, I was buying everything I could find.  Some albums instantly became favorites and others became forgotten.  This Zappa rediscovery trend took me through the summer of 2009.  In mid-August, I started pulling out some of my old high school and early college favorites---Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Jane's Addiction.  I was able to enjoy them on another level because I also just recently purchased some new Sennheiser HD595 headphones that are totally awesome.  I can't believe I have had my old Sennheiser 540's for about 14 years!  They finally started to fall apart structurally which is why I got these, but I am so glad I did.  They are much better than my old ones.  I am hearing sounds and guitar parts I never knew existed.  The bass goes down to 12 Hz, so they can handle my rap too, although I've noticed that they make some samples sound too loud and a few songs have sounded strange because of it.  They seem better geared toward rock and jazz. 

At the end of August 2009, I was riding in the car with my dad and he was playing something that sounded good.  It turned out it was Brad Paisley, a country artist.  I generally can't stand country, but I must say, Brad's album called "Play" has some instrumental songs that are absolutely awesome.  It is totally a case of 'shut-up-n-play-yer-guitar'.  He seriously needs to just play his guitar and not sing.  I would buy every album and go his concerts when he came around.  Unfortunately, I have to skip over every song with lyrics.  I just can't get over how great the guitar is though (listening to it right now as I am typing this part).  Since there are 10 great instrumental tracks of 16, it is like getting a whole good album anyhow.  If you like good guitar-playing, I definitely recommend this album.

September 2009 was defined by two albums, both recommended by Norwood Fisher (from Fishbone) on one of those Amazon lists.  The first was an album by Parliament.  I have loved just about everything Parliament Funkadelic, Parliament, or Funkadelic has done and I have many of their albums.  However, I didn't have the one he suggested:  "Motor Booty Affair".  This CD didn't leave my car player for about 2 weeks.  I even had another copy I was listening to inside on my headphones.  Then I got another CD that Norwood suggested:  "True Democracy" by a reggae band called Steel Pulse.  It's funny that I got so into this because I was never much of a reggae listener.  I have heard people play Bob Marley (and even own a couple albums) but it wasn't something I wanted to hear too often.  However, True Democracy did not leave my car player for the next few weeks---it was replaced in October by another Steel Pulse CD called "Earth Crisis" which I have a feeling will also be staying in the player for a while.  As it turned out, by the end of December, I owned 9 Steel Pulse CDs and also got into another reggae band called Burning Spear.  I listened to pretty much only reggae for 4 months straight.

2010 started out with me still into my reggae.  I am also listening to some 20's jazz and will probably pick up more of that.  Also discovered a few new old school rap artists I like --- Zhigge, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Brand Nubian and the Geto Boys.  In January, I came across a man named Brent Hinds, of a band called Mastodon, who suffered a head injury and said that after his recovery he was so inspired and played some of the best guitar compositions he'd ever played.  I decided to order the CD he played on after his injury, called "Crack the Skye," which didn't leave my player for at least 2 weeks straight.  I listened to it 3-7 times a day and pretty much every night before bed.  Then I discovered there was an instrumental release of that same CD, so of course I had to get that.  Amazingly, it was very different than I expected---there were a lot of instrument sounds that I didn't hear in the original version because of the overlapped vocals.  I thought it was a really neat idea for a band to do this.  The music could still stand alone quite well without the lyrics, which are about a Russian healer, etc. named Rasputin, whom I had heard of, but didn't know anything about.  It has been interesting to me to research some of this history as well.

In February 2010, I continued to expand my reggae collection, and I guess now it includes some things that are considered "dub" although I guess I'm still not quite sure what the distinction is.  I am enjoying these guys named Sly and Robbie.  March is when I finally got some Marvin Gaye.  I always liked those few songs that were on the radio, but I always would forget about him and never ordered any of his music.  "What's Going On" is a really emotionally powerful album---it made me cry the first time I listened to it.

Honestly, I don't know where all the time went.  It is now November 2010.  I remember listening to a lot of reggae for quite a while.  Then I got back into old school rap again.  I discovered some "new" artists that I'd never listened to before, like Eric B and Rakim, The Souls of Mischief, Kool G Rap, Zhigge, Black Sheep, Dred Scott, Brand Nubian, etc.  In October, I discovered the Poor Righteous Teachers.  On Youtube, I saw a video for their song, "Rock Dis Funky Joint," which sampled "Slippin' Into Darkness" by War.  I bought the album containing this song the same day.  It was on their first album called "Holy Intellect."  I listened to this album many times and it is definitely one of my top 15 hip hop albums.  It is too bad these guys weren't more popular because they are so good.  I was surprised to hear their track called "Shakiyla" has the same samples behind it as Tupac's "Keep Ya Head Up" and PRT's song came out before Tupac's!  Even more interesting, as I was typing this entry, I was just looking up how to spell Shakiyla when I  began reading a Wikipedia entry about the Poor Righteous Teachers, which led me to discover "The Nation of the Gods and Earths."  I read a bit about their teachings, beliefs and principles after following that Wikipedia entry.  When I got down to the hip-hop section, I was surprised to see Eric B and Rakim and Brand Nubian mentioned as also following these principles and talking about it in their music.  I guess because I don't understand all the lyrics so well and tend to listen to the music behind it rather than trying to decipher all the words, I never pieced all this together before.  They believe in something called the "Supreme Mathematics", which seems to be similar to numerology and some of the things I believe in.  There is also a Supreme Alphabet.  The Universal Flag is the group's official trademark which consists of a sun, moon, star, and the number seven. Reading this sent chills down my spine because this is so similar to the elements I chose for my personal mandala watercolor, that I consider to be significant symbols as well.  Wikipedia said that "according to the Nation of Gods and Earths, it is better to study as many different religions and cultures as possible, to find the common truths in them, rather than focusing on the differences between them. This way, one finds his or her unique and most productive path to the Knowledge of Self."  This is also how I have led my life thus far.  At the end of November, I went on a different tangent from hip-hop---death metal!!!  Ha, ha!  You'd think I was kidding, but I'm not.  I discovered this guy on Youtube named Dan Swano from Sweden.  In 1999, he painstakingly created an album called "Moontower" on which he plays every single instrument!!!  Before I was even aware of this, the melodies had already pulled me in and I knew I had to get the album after just hearing a few songs.  If it were my choice, I would probably change the vocals, because that is what makes it death metal---it adds a harshness that I sometimes wish wasn't there, especially when one finds out that he actually has vocal talent when singing normally (as he does in a very small part of a couple songs).  But the instrumentation is so good that I would say this album is just a true masterpiece.  Plenty of layers and interesting melodies and variety, everything I would want in music.  I've only had the album for about 5 days and I've probably played it 25 times or more.

Again, who knows where all the time went.  It's October 2011, almost a year since I last wrote.  Currently, I am heavy into Mastodon again.  I love their older album, "Blood Mountain," which I just recently picked up, as well as their new one, "The Hunter."  Looking forward to finally seeing them in concert in November.  Other than that, since I am currently receiving no income from a job, I can't really buy albums like I used to (had to borrow from my parents to get the new Mastodon albums---luckily they understand!), and I am just pulling out a lot of my old stuff, of which there is much to choose.  Before the Mastodon albums, I remember listening to Alice in Chains, Mucky Pup, and the Beatnuts.  Also pulled out a lot of my Frank Zappa again and some Steve Vai.

2012 begun as the year of hip-hop.  At the end of December 2011, I discovered MF Doom, who surprisingly sampled the Zappa song, "Would You Like a Snack?" from 200 Motels.  January 1st had me entranced by the music of the Jazz Liberatorz, a French group that I discovered on Youtube (such a great resource!).  My favorite song is "I am Hip Hop."  Then on the 14th, I discovered SHAD, a Canadian hip-hop artist.  He has some decent songs, my favorite being "Rose Garden."  The video for that one is great---the first half of the video is the second half played backwards.  He even includes a Pharcyde reference at the end, because they do an entirely backwards video to their song, "Drop."  Earlier in the summer, I discovered a few less known artists, the Cunninlynguists and Brother Ali.  I also got into Pete Rock and CL Smooth more---one of my favorites is an instrumental album by Pete Rock, called "Petestrumentals."  I wish more artists would instrumental albums like that---it is nice to just chill to some good beats, and it is also fun to make up one's own lyrics to go with the songs.

Near the end of August 2012, my musical interests took a turn I never thought possible---electronic music!!!  My common response to someone who asked me what kind of music I liked was generally, "everything but young country and techno."  I can't say that anymore.  It all started after watching my friend, James's youtube video of him mixing some tech house music.  I really liked it, so I ran a search for tech house music and discovered a DJ named Trevor Nygaard.  He has over 100 sets posted to the internet.  For the last four months (it is the end of December), 99% of what I've listened to are Nygaard's sets.  I have software to convert them to wav files, then I can separate the tracks and burn them to CDs to listen to anywhere.  This new direction is very surprising to me, as I thought I hated this kind of music.  As it turns out, there is just a lot of it out there and much of it is crap, and apparently, I never heard the good stuff before.


As of 12-24-12, there are 1129 CDs in my collection, listed below...

3582 Situational Ethics
Acid Jazz Original Raw Soul
Acid Jazz After Hours
A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack
Adams, Justin and Juldeh Camara Soul Science
Adele 21
Air Moon Safari
Akon Konvicted
Alice In Chains Facelift
Alice In Chains Dirt
Alice In Chains Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains Sap
Alice In Chains Black Gives Way to Blue
Allman Brothers Band 2nd Set
Allman Brothers Band A Decade of Hits (1969-1979)
Allman Brothers Band Hittin' the Note
Allman Brothers Band Legendary Hits
Allman Brothers Band Live at the Fillmore
Allman Brothers Band Where It All Begins
Anvil Hard 'N' Heavy
Anvil This is Thirteen
Anvil Metal on Metal
Artyfacts from '65-'68 Nuggets
Ashanti Chapter II
Astrograss Newgrass from New York
Aswad Aswad
Aswad Hulet
Aswad Live and Direct
Axiom Funk Funkcronomicon
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys Millennium
Bad Brains Banned in D.C.:  Bad Brains Greatest Riffs
Bad Company The Original Bad Co. Anthology
Band From Utopia, The A Tribute to the Music of Frank Zappa
Banks, Lloyd Rotten Apple
Banned From Utopia So Yuh Don't Like Modern Art?
Barrueco, Manuel Nylon and Steel
Barton, Lou Ann (w/Rockola & Stevie Ray Vaughan) Sugar Coated Love
Basiqs, The Your Life Is Calling
Baskery Fall Among Thieves
Bauhaus Crackle
Beastie Boys Ill Communication
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys The In Sound From Way Out
Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs
Beastie Boys Anthology:  The Sounds of Science
Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatnuts, The Street Level
Beatnuts, The Intoxicated Demons (the EP)
Beatnuts, The Take It or Squeeze It
Beatnuts, The Stone Crazy
Beatnuts, The A Musical Massacre
Beck, Jeff Live and Exclusive from the Grammy Museum
Beck, Jeff Guitar Shop with Terry Bozzio & Tony Hymas
Beck, Jeff Blow by Blow
Beck, Jeff Jeff
Beck, Jeff Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer
Beck, Jeff Live at BB King's
Beck, Jeff Rough and Ready
Beck, Jeff Shapes of Things
Beck, Jeff There and Back
Beck, Jeff Who Else!
Beck, Jeff Wired
Beck, Jeff You Had it Coming
Beck, Jeff Truth
Beck, Jeff Beck-Ola
Beck, Jeff Emotion and Commotion
Beethoven 9th Symphony
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Tales from the Acoustic Planet
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Left of Cool
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Live Art
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Rocket Science
Belew, Adrian Side 4 (Live)
Belew, Adrian e
Beyonce Dangerously In Love
Big Daddy Kane It's a Big Daddy Thing
Big Punisher Capital Punishment
Bill Perry Band, The Live at Manny's Car Wash, NYC
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Sonic Geology
Bissonette, Greg Greg Bissonette
Black Crowes, The Shake Your Money Maker
Black, Jimmy Carl Where's the $%&*#@' Beer?
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sheep A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Black Uhuru The Dub Factor
Black Uhuru Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Blige, Mary J Growing Pains
Bluecat Band Blueprints
Blues Traveler Save His Soul
Blues Traveler Four
Bolin, Tommy From the Archives Volume 1
Bonamassa, Joe You and Me
Bone, Thugs and Harmony Strength and Loyalty
Bone, Thugs and Harmony E. 1999 Eternal
Bonnaroo The Sweet Sounds Volume 2
Bonnaroo 2002 Various Artists
Bonnen and Aigui Black Water:  Music of Frank Zappa
Bonnen Plays the Music of Frank Zappa
Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded
Boogie Down Productions By All Means Necessary
Bootsy's Rubber Band Stretchin' Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band
Boston Greatest Hits
Bottle of Blues Low Expectations
Bourbon, Claude The Travellin' Man
Bozzio, Terry, Tony Levin, and Steve Stevens Black Light Syndrome
Brand Nubian One For All
Brandy Never Say Never
Brock, Napoleon Murphy Balls
Brock, Napoleon Murphy This is What Frank Zappa Heard
Brother Ali The Undisputed Truth
Brother Ali Shadows On the Sun
Brother Ali Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color
Brother Ali Us
Brothers Johnson, The Greatest Hits
Brothers Johnson, The Right on Time
Buckethead and Friends Enter the Chicken
Buckethead Electric Sea
Buckwheat Zydeco Taking It Home
Buju Banton Til Shiloh
Burning Spear Social Living
Burning Spear Appointment with His Majesty
Burning Spear Our Music
Burning Spear Hail H.I.M.
Burrell, Kenny Soulero
Burrell, Kenny Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane
Cactus Cactus
California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto
California Guitar Trio A Christmas Album
Camp Lo Uptown Saturday Night
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Safe as Milk
Capture Land Chalawa, Stranjah Cole, Callendar Sisters & Johnny Osbourne
Chaibaba Slow Brewed
Chalawa Fire Dub
Chalawa Exodus Dub
Chambers Brothers, The The Time Has Come Today
Chastain, David T. Rock Solid Guitar
Chemical Brothers, The Dig Your Own Hole
Chen, Levi Spirit, Magnetics, and Entropy
Chickenfoot Chickenfoot
Chickenfoot Chickenfoot:  Deluxe Limited Edition w/DVD
Chickenfoot Chickenfoot III
Chingy Jackpot
Chingy Hoodstar
Cholmondeley, Andre Liquid Gardens
Clapton, Eric The Cream of Clapton
Clapton, Eric Unplugged
Clapton, Eric Blues
Collective Soul Hints, Allegations, & Things Left Unsaid
Collective Soul Dosage
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Commodores, The Machine Gun
Commodores, The In the Pocket
Common Finding Forever
Concert for Bangla Desh Concert for Bangla Desh
Coldplay Viva La Vida
ConFunkShun The Best of ConFunkShun
Coolio Gangsta's Paradise
Corea, Chick The Leprechaun
Corrosion of Conformity In the Arms of God
Corrosion of Conformity Deliverance
Corrosion of Conformity Blind
Corrosion of Conformity Wiseblood
Creed My Own Prison
Creed Human Clay
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River
Creedence Clearwater Revival 6 CD Box Set
Crosby, Stills & Nash Daylight Again
Crossroads Music by Ry Cooder
Cuccurullo, Warren Thanks to Frank
Cunninlynguists A Piece of Strange
Cure, The  Black Sunday
Curren$y Pilot Talk II
Cyne Evolution Fight
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill Mixed Up
Cypress Hill Skull and Bones
Cypress Hill Stoned Raiders
Cypress Hill Temples of Boom
Cyrka, Jan Spirit
Daddy Stitch The Douglas Chapter
Danzig, Glenn Black Aria
Darediablo Twenty Paces
Darediablo Feeding Frenzy
Das EFX Hold It Down
Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming
Days of the New Days of the New 1
Days of the New Days of the New 2
Dazz Band, The 20th Century Masters:  The Millenium Collection
Dazz Band, The Live and Funky
Deep Purple Deep Purple
Def Leppard Pyromania
Def Leppard Hysteria
De La Soul Timeless:  The Singles Collection
Delerium Selected Tracks
Denson, Karl Dance Lesson #2
Denver, John Legendary John Denver
Dillon, Jimmy Rituals
Di Meola, Al The Manhattan Years
Di Meola, Al The Infinite Desire
Di Meola, Al Greatest Hits
Di Meola, Al Land of the Midnight Sun
Di Meola, Al Consequence of Chaos
Di Meola, Al Electric Rendezvous
Di Meola, Al and World Sinfonia The Grande Passion
Di Meola, Al, John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia Friday Night in San Francisco
Di Meola, Clarke, and Ponty The Rite of Strings
Dinosaur Jr.  Without a Sound
Dio Stand Up and Shout (The Anthology)
Dipset More Than Music Volume 1
Dire Straits Dire Straits Remastered
Disco Biscuits 4-7-01 Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury
DJ Quik The Best of DJ Quik/The Finale
Don and Bunk Show Don Preston and Bunk Gardner
Doobie Brothers, The Best of the Doobies
Doors, The In Concert
Doors, The L.A. Woman 40th Anniversary
Dorsey, Gail Ann I Used to Be…
Double Barrel Country Ronnie Milsap and Charlie Pride
Downtown Brown Live… and Sweaty
Dr. Dre The Chronic
Dr. Dre 2001
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2:  Scenes From A Memory
Dred Scott Breakin' Combs
DU Kelly The Eleventh Hour
Duke, George Three Originals
Duke, George This Is Jazz 37
Duke, George Face the Music
Duke, George and Feel George Duke and Feel
Dylan, Bob Together Through Life
Eagles, The Their Greatest Hits
Eagles, The Their Greatest Hits: Volume 2
Eat Static Epsylon
Eazy-E Eazy-Duz-It
Edgar Broughton Band Oora
Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer Extended Versions
Edgar Winter The Best of Edgar Winter
Electric Light Orchestra Face the Music
Emerson, Lake and Palmer The Best of Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Brain Salad Surgery
Eminem Encore
Ensemble Ambrosius The Zappa Album
Ensemble Modern Plays Frank Zappa
Enter the Haggis Gutter Anthems
EPMD Out of Business:  Double Limited Edition
EPMD Business as Usual
Eric B and Rakim Gold
Eric B and Rakim Paid in Full
Esham KKKill the Fetus
Ethos Wherever You Are
Fat Joe Me, Myself and I
Fagen, Donald The Nightfly
Faith No More The Real Thing
Faith No More Album of the Year
Firkins, Michael Lee Blacklight Sonatas
Fishbone Truth and Soul
Fishbone Live at the Temple Bar and More
Fishbone The Reality of My Surroundings
Fishbone Swim (single)
Fishbone Fishbone's Familyhood Nexperience
Flamenco Y Rosas Esteban (Disc 1 Only)
Flashdance Original Soundtrack
Focus The Best of Focus:  Hocus Pocus
Focus Moving Waves
Fogerty, John Blue Moon Swamp
Fogerty, John Centerfield
Fogerty, John Déjà Vu All Over Again
Fogerty, John Eye of the Zombie
Fogerty, John Premonition
Fogerty, John The Blue Ridge Rangers
Fogerty, John Revival
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape
Foolish Master P/Eddie Griffin (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Foreigner Complete Greatest Hits
Fowler, Tom Tom Fowler Interface
Frampton, Peter Fingerprints
Freak Guitar The Road Less Traveled by Mattias IA Eklundh
Friday Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Frizell, Bill Ghost Town
Frogg Froggadelic
Fugazi 13 Songs
Funkadelic Maggot Brain
Funkadelic Uncle Jam Wants You
Funkadelic Hardcore Jollies
Funkadelic America Eats Its Young
Funkadelic Standing On the Verge of Getting It On
Further Further
Further More
Further Most
Fusionauts, The Floaties
G3 Live Rockin' in the Free World (Live in Kansas)
Galactic Blind Pig 4-15-99
Galactic Coolin' Off
Galactic Crazyhorse Mongoose
Galactic Late for the Future
Galactic Live at the Bulldog
Galactic Live With Karl Denson
Galactic New York 6-6-97
Gambale, Frank Live
Gambale, Frank with Stu Hamm and Steve Smith GHS3
Game, The LAX
Gang Starr Step in the Arena
Gang Starr Moment of Truth
Gang Starr Hard to Earn
Gap Band, The The Gap Band III
Gap Band, The The Best of the Gap Band
Gaye, Marvin What's Going on Deluxe Edition
Gaye, Marvin I Want You
Genesis Live
Genfan, Vicki Up Close and Personal
Geto Boys Grip It! On That Other Level
Geto Boys We Can't Be Stopped
Get Shorty Soundtrack
Gilmour, David David Gilmour
Gladiators Father and Sons
Goats, The No Goats, No Glory
Godsmack Godsmack
Gov't Mule Live 12-31-98
Gov't Mule Life Before Insanity
Gov't Mule Dose
Grammy Rap Nominees 1999  
Grand Funk Railroad Collectors Series
Grand Funk Railroad Phoenix (Japanese Import)
Grand Funk Railroad Closer to Home
Grand Funk Railroad Good Singin' Good Playin'
Grandmothers, The Eating the Astoria
Grateful Dead Bear's Choice Volume 1
Grateful Dead Best of the Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead Dead Set
Grateful Dead Dozin' at the Knick
Grateful Dead Europe '72
Grateful Dead Hundred Year Hall
Grateful Dead In the Dark
Grateful Dead Reckoning
Grateful Dead Untitled
Grateful Dead Without a Net
Grateful Dead Fillmore East 1971 (4 discs)
Grateful Dead (J.G. and Howard Wales) Hooteroll
Grateful Dead---The Other Ones The Strange Remain
Green, Grant Alive
Green, Grant Feelin' the Spirit
Group Home Livin' Proof
Guitar Center --- Fresh Cuts Volume 3
"Guitar" George Baker Mojo Lady
Guitars that Rule the World Compilation
Guru's Jazzmatazz An Experimental Fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz
Guru's Jazzmatazz Volume 2:  The New Reality
Guru's Jazzmatazz Street Soul
Guy, Buddy (featuring Jonny Lang) Heavy Love
Gym Class Heroes Papercut Chronicles
Gym Class Heroes As Cruel As School Children
Hall and Oates Abandoned Luncheonette
Hancock, Herbie Head Hunters
Hancock, Herbie Maiden Voyage
Hancock, Herbie Sextant
Hancock, Herbie The Best of Herbie Hancock
Hancock, Herbie Thrust
Hanshaw, Annette Volume 6:  1929
Harris, Corey Greens from the Garden
Hayes, Isaac Live at the Sahara Tahoe
Hayes, Isaac ...To Be Continued
Hayes, Isaac Isaac Hayes at Wattstax
Hayes, Isaac Can You Dig It?
Hayes, Isaac Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)
Heat Wave Too Hot to Handle
Heavy D and the Boyz Blue Funk
Heavy D and the Boyz Vibes
Helmet Meantime
Hempilation Compilation
Hendrix, Jimi The Ultimate Experience
Hendrix, Jimi Band of Gypsys (live, Fillmore East)
Hiatt, John The Open Road
Hill, Lauryn The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Hill, Michael Lee Frozen Thought
Holzman, Adam & Brave New World The Big Picture
Hooker, John Lee The Best of Friends
Hooker 'N Heat Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker
Howard, Greg Code Magenta
Humble Pie Rock On
Huun-Huur-Tu The Orphan's Lament
Ice-T Original Gangster
I Mother Earth Dig
I Mother Earth Scenery and Fish
In Flames A Sense of Purpose
In Flames The Jester Race ~ Black-Ash Inheritance
Into the Music Volume 1 Jam Bands
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
Isley Brothers The Essential Isley Brothers
J.B.'s, The Funky Good Time:  the Anthology
Jack and Jim Show, The Live at the Zappanale #14
Jack and Jim Show, The The 7th Street Entry Nightshift, Minneapolis, MN 5-8-95
Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection
Jackson, Joe Symphony No. 1
Jackson, Michael Number Ones
Jackson, Michael Thriller
Jam Band Tribute to Frank Zappa  
James, Bob Three
Jamiroquai Synkronized
Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking
Jane's Addiction Ritual de lo Habitual
Jane's Addiction The Great Escape Artist
Ja Rule Pain Is Love
Jay-Z American Gangster
Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt
Jay-Z The Blueprint
Jazz Liberatorz Clin d'oeil
Jazz the World Forgot Jazz Classics of the 1920's
Jefferson Airplane Somebody to Love
Jefferson Airplane After Bathing at Baxter's
Jennings, Lyfe Lyfe 268-192
Jethro Tull Original Masters
Jethro Tull "M.U."---The Best of Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull 20 Years of Jethro Tull
JFK's LSD UFO Assassination Hallucination
Jimmy Castor Bunch, The The Best of the Jimmy Castor Bunch
Jimmy Castor Bunch, The 16 Slabs of Funk
John 5 Songs for Sanity
John, Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Johnson, Eric Venus Isle
Johnson, Jamey The Guitar Song
Johnson, Robert The Complete Recordings
Joint Chiefs, The Fat and Busy
Joint Ventures itz da joint
Joplin, Janis (w/Big Brother & the Holding Co.) Live at Winterland '68
Joplin, Scott The Complete Works of Scott Joplin
Jordan, Stanley The Best of Stanley Jordan
Jordan, Stanley Magic Touch
Journey Greatest Hits
Judas Priest The Essential Judas Priest
Justice Allah Supreme Mathematics
Keneally, Mike and Beer for Dolphins Half Alive in Hollywood
Keneally, Mike The Universe Will Provide
Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King
King Crimson Starless and Bible Black
King Crimson Discipline
Kings of Leon Because of the Times
Kings of Leon Only by the Night
K'Naan Troubadour
Knopfler, Mark Sailing to Philadelphia
Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Wanted:  Dead or Alive
Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Live and Let Die
Kool G Rap The Giancana Story
Korn Korn
Korn Follow the Leader
Kottke, Leo 6- and 12-string Guitar
Kottonmouth Kings No. 7
Landreth, Sonny Grant Street
Lang, Jonny Lie to Me
Lang, Jonny Wander this World
Lang, Jonny and the Big Bang Smokin
Larsen, Jon The Jimmy Carl Black Story
Leaders of the New School A Future Without a Past
Leaders of the New School T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind's Eye)
Leahy Lakefield
LeBocal Oh No…Just Another Frank Zappa Memorial Barbecue!
Led Zeppelin Boxed Set, 4 Discs
Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions
Legg, Adrian Fingers and Thumbs
Legg, Adrian Guitar Bones
Legg, Adrian Guitars and Other Cathedrals
Legg, Adrian Inheritance
Legg, Adrian Mrs. Crowe's Blue Waltz
Legg, Adrian Waiting For A Dancer
Leonard, Glenn Glenn Leonard Is…
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
Liquid Poetry Ripple Effects
Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment 2
Liquid Trio Experiment Spontaneous Combustion
Little People, The One Blue Moment
Live Throwing Copper
LL Cool J Mr. Smith
Lonesome Lencat Devil's Pecker Road
Lonesome Lencat Battered, Tattered, Bruised & Abused
Lonesome Lencat Deep in the Pits
Lonesome Lencat Blasted!
Lonesome Lencat SexAxe
Lords of the Underground Here Come the Lords
Loudmouth Loudmouth
Luba 9 Detronic Study Document
Ludacris Release Therapy
Lynyrd Skynyrd Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd
Lynyrd Skynyrd Endangered Species
Lynyrd Skynyrd Edge of Forever
Mabe, Tom Revenge on the Telemarketers 1
Mabe, Tom Revenge on the Telemarketers 2
Macalpine, Tony Maximum Security
Mad Flava From tha Ground Unda
Madonna Comfessions on a Dance Floor
Magic Elf, The Heavy Meddle
Magic Elf, The Live
Magic Elf, The Elf Tales
Mahavishnu Orchestra, The The Lost Trident Sessions
Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Visions of the Emerald Beyond
Mahavishnu Orchestra, The  Birds of Fire
Mahavishnu Orchestra, The (with J.M.) The Inner Mounting Flame
Mahavishnu Orchestra, The (with J.M.) Ventures in Radioland
Main Source Breaking Atoms
Makaveli The Don Killuminati, the 7 day Theory
Malmsteen, Yngwie The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection
Malmsteen, Yngwie Inspiration
Mandalaband I and II remastered
Manfred Mann's Earth Band The Best of Manfred Mann's E.B.
Marley, Bob and the Wailers Live!
Marley, Bob and the Wailers Gold
Maroon 5 It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Maroon 5 Songs About Jane
Masta Ace Slaughtahouse
Mastodon Crack the Skye
Mastodon Crack the Skye Limited Edition
Mastodon Leviathan
Mastodon The Hunter
Mastodon Blood Mountain
Mathematics Love Hell or Right (Da Come Up)
Matisyahu Youth
Mats/Morgan Band Thanks for Flying With Us
Max Creek Spring Water
McCartney, Paul Oobu Joobu - Ecology
McKnight, Brian Anytime
McLaughlin, John The Promise
McLaughlin, John After the Rain
McLaughlin, John Remember Shakti:  The Believer
Medeski Martin and Wood Shack-man
Medeski Martin and Wood The Dropper
Medeski Martin and Wood Tonic
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth Cryptic Writing
Megadeth Extra Value CD (came with Risk)
Megadeth Hidden Treasures
Megadeth Risk
Megadeth Rust in Peace
Megadeth The System Has Failed 
Megadeth The World Needs A Hero
Megadeth Youthanasia
Megadeth Endgame
Mellencamp, John No Better Than This
Meridian Arts Ensemble Ear Mind I (music of Frank Zappa)
Meridian Arts Ensemble Smart Went Crazy (Zappa | Hendrix | Nurock
Merry Axemas A Guitar Christmas Vol. 1
Merry Axemas A Guitar Christmas Vol. 2
Metal Fingers Doom Special Herbs:  The Box Set 0-9
Metallica Master of Puppets
Metallica Reload
Metallica …And Justice For All
Metallica Death Magnetic
Metallica (Apocalyptica) Plays Metallica by Four Cellos
Metaphysical Jones Metaphysical Jones
Michigan Garage Bands in the 60's, the History of Volume One
Michigan Stick Trio General Chaos and Natural Order
Mikes, Stephan The Good, the Bad, and the Karmic
Mikes, Stephan Before You See
Mikes, Stephan Dakini Beach
Ministry The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Ministry Psalm 69
Ministry The Land of Rape and Honey
Minucci, Chieli Jewels
Minucci, Chieli Renaissance
Minucci, Chieli It's Gonna Be Good
Minucci, Chieli Sweet Surrender
Misfits Misfits
Mobb Deep The Infamous
Money, Eddie Greatest Hits---Sound of Money
Monsters, Ghouls, Goblins and Demons  
Montrose Montrose
Montrose Paper Money
Montrose Warner Bros. Presents Montrose!
Montrose Jump On It
Montrose Open Fire
Moody Blues, The The Best of the Moody Blues
Moon Dog Mane Turn It Up
Moon Madness PreMaster II
Moore, Vinnie Defying Gravity
Moore, Vinnie Live
Moore, Vinnie Mind's Eye
Moore, Vinnie Out of Nowhere
Moore, Vinnie The Maze
Moore, Vinnie Time Odyssey
Motley Crue Greatest Hits
Motorhead Ace of Spades
Motown Meets the Beatles Varous Artists
Mr. B Shining the Pearls
Mr. B Joybox
Mucky Pup Act of Faith
Mucky Pup A Boy In A Man's World (sel. Tracks)
Mucky Pup Can't You Take a Joke
Mucky Pup Now
Mucky Pup Alive and Well
Mucky Pup Lemonade
Mucky Pup Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage
Mudhoney Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
Nappy Roots Wooden Leather
Nas Nas
Nas Illmatic
Nastasee Uletide
N*E*R*D Seeing Sounds
N*E*R*D Fly or Die
Newcleus Jam on This:  The Best of Newcleus
Ne-Yo Year of the Gentleman
N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton
N.W.A. Greatest Hits
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom
Nomeansno Wrong
North Mississippi Allstars Promo CD
North Mississippi Allstars Shake Hands With Shorty
Notorious B.I.G., The Ready to Die
Notorious B.I.G., The Life or Death
Nudeswirl Nudeswirl
Nugent, Ted Great Gonzos
Odyssey Reinventing the Past
Omnibus Wind Ensemble Music By Frank Zappa
Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Organized Konfusion Stress:  The Extinction Agenda
Organized Konfusion Organized Konfusion
Organized Konfusion The Equinox
Original Dance Music of the 1920's/1930's Volume One
Osbourne, Ozzy The Ozzman Cometh
Osbourne, Ozzy Ozzmosis
Osibisa Osibisa
Osibisa Happy Children
Osibisa Heads
Osibisa  Woyaya
Outkast Aquemini
Outkast Atliens
Outkast Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
Outkast Speakerboxx
Outkast The Love Below
Outkast Stankonia
Outkast Idlewild
Ozric Tentacles Vitamin Enhanced Boxed Set
Ozric Tentacles Afterswish
Ozric Tentacles Arborescence
Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn
Ozric Tentacles Erpland
Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift
Ozric Tentacles Pungent Effulgent
Ozric Tentacles Pyramidion
Ozric Tentacles Spice Doubt Streaming
Ozric Tentacles Spirals in Hyperspace
Ozric Tentacles Strangeitude
Ozric Tentacles Swirly Termination
Ozric Tentacles There is Nothing/Ethereal Cereal
Ozric Tentacles Tantric Obstacles/Erpsongs
Ozric Tentacles Become the Other
Ozric Tentacles The Hidden Step
Ozric Tentacles Waterfall Cities
Ozric Tentacles The Yumyum Tree
Ozric Tentacles Paper Monkeys
Paisley, Brad Play
Palermo, Ed Plays the Music of Frank Zappa
Palermo, Ed Big Band Zappa
Palermo, Ed Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Palermo, Ed Eddy Loves Frank
Pantera Cowboys from Hell
Pantera Far Beyond Driven
Parker, Maceo Dial MACEO
Parliament Motor Booty Affair
Pastorius, Jaco Jaco Pastorius
Pat Metheny Group The Road to You
Peaches & Herb The Millenium Collection
Pearl Jam Ten
Perry, Lee "Scratch" Dub-Triptych
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth Mecca and the Soul Brother
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth The Main Ingredient
Pete Rock PeteStrumentals
Petrucci, John and Jordan Rudess An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Echo
Pharcyde, The Labcabincalifornia
Pharcyde, The Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde
Pharoahe Monch` Desire
Phoenix Alphabetical
Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd The Division Bell
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd Pulse
Pink Floyd The Wall (remastered)
Pojama People with Ike Willis Footsie Notes
Police, The Message in a Box:  The Complete Recordings
Ponty, Jean-Luc King Kong
Ponty, Jean-Luc Live at Chene Park
Poor Righteous Teachers Holy Intellect
Poor Righteous Teachers The New World Order
Poor Righteous Teachers Pure Poverty
Popper, John Go Outside and Drive (the vestal version)
Porno for Pyros Porno for Pyros
Positively 60's Positively 60's
Powell, Doc Laid Back
Praxis Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
Praxis Profanation
Preston, Don Vile Foamy Ectoplasm
Preston, Don Retrospective
Preston, Don Akashic Ensemble The Inner Realities of Evolution
Primus Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People
Primus Frizzle Fry
Primus Brown Album
Primus Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Primus Tales from the Punchbowl
Primus Antipop
Primus Pork Soda
Primus Green Naugahyde
Prince Planet Earth
Prince Po Prettyblack
Procol Harum Classic Tracks and Rarities
Project Object Absolutely Live
Project Object Dream of the Dog
Public Enemy 20th Century Masters
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Pulse Various Artists
Queensryche Promised Land
Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine Evil Empire
Rainman Soundtrack
Rammstein Sehnsucht
Randolph, Robert Unclassified
Randolph, Robert Live at the Wetlands
Randolph, Robert We Walk This Road
Red Elvises, The Shake Your Pelvis
Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Reel Big Fish Turn the Radio Off
Return to Forever Romantic Warrior
Reveille Laced
Riccardo Fassi Tankio Band Plays the Music of Frank Zappa
Rift Jam Session  5-16-00
Roa, Carl Eternity
Rodriguez Coming From Reality
Rodriguez Cold Fact
Roger and Zapp The Compilation:  Greatest Hits II and More
Rogers, Roy Slideways
Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters The Colour of Love
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters Grateful Heart:  Blues and Ballads
Roots, The Rising Down
Roots, The Things Fall Apart
Roots, The Do You Want More?!!!??!
Roots, The Illadelph Halflife
Roots, The How I Got Over
Ross, Diana and the Supremes The No. 1's
Ross, Rick Trilla
Ross, Rick Deeper Than Rap
Rush Chronicles
Rush The Spirit of Radio
Rusted Root When I Woke
Ryan, Matthew Matthew Ryan vs. The Silver State
Sadler, Neil Theory of Forms
Santana Santana
Santana Inner Secrets
Santana Caravanserai
Santana with John McLaughlin Love Devotion Surrender
Santana Borboletta
Santana The Best Instrumentals
Santana The Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Santana Tropical Spirits Part I and II
Santana Dance of the Rainbow Serpent
Santana Supernatural
Santana As Years Go By
Santana Live
Santana III
Santana Abraxas
Santana Shape Shifter
Santana, Carlos and Buddy Miles Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles!  Live!
Sardinas, Eric Devil's Train
Sardinas, Eric Eric Sardinas and Big Motor
Satriani, Joe Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards
Satriani, Joe Crystal Planet
Satriani, Joe Dreaming #11
Satriani, Joe Engines of Creation
Satriani, Joe Flying In A Blue Dream
Satriani, Joe Is There Love in Space?
Satriani, Joe Live in San Francisco
Satriani, Joe Not of This Earth
Satriani, Joe Strange Beautiful Music
Satriani, Joe Surfing With the Alien
Satriani, Joe Surfing With the Alien Legacy Edition
Satriani, Joe The Extremist
Satriani, Joe Time Machine
Satriani, Joe Live!
Satriani, Joe Super Colossal
Satriani, Joe Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock
Satriani, Vai and Johnson---G3 Live in Concert
Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen---G3  Live in Kansas City
Scatterbrain Here Comes Trouble
Scatterbrain Scamboogery
Scofield, John A Go Go
Scofield, John Uberjam
Seahag We'll Got to Be About Da Bidnus
Seeley, Bob Industrial Strength
Seeley, Bob Let's Boogie with Bob Seeley
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Greatest Hits
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Against the Wind
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Stranger in Town (remastered)
Seger, Bob Face the Promise
Segovia, Andre A Centenary Celebration
Sevendust Sevendust
Sevendust Home
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Savvy Show Stoppers
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Sport Fishin'
Shankar and Gingger One in a Million
Shankar, Ravi Portrait of Genius
Shankar, Ravi Live at Monterey
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Ledbetter Heights
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Trouble Is…
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Live On
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne The Place You're In
Silverchair Frogstomp
Silverchair Diorama
Silverhawk (uncle Bob on drums) Michigan Garage Bands
Skee-Lo I Wish
Skid Row Skid Row
Skatalites Skatalites and Friends at Randy's
Skin Yard Skin Yard plus 5
Skin Yard 1000 Smiling Knuckles
Skin Yard Undertow
Skin Yard Inside the Eye
Skin Yard Start at the Top
Slum Village Fantastic Vol. 2
Slum Village Trinity (Past, Present and Future)
Sly and Robbie Riddim: The best of Sly and Robbie In Dub 78-85
Sly and Robbie Meet the Mad Professor! The Dub Revolutionaries
Sly and Robbie King Tubby's Dance Hall Dub
Sly and Robbie Blackwood Dub
Smashing Pumpkins, The Machina, The Machines of God
Smith, G.E.  Incense, Herbs and Oils
Snoop Dogg Paid Tha Cost to Be da Bo$$
Snoop Dogg Doggystyle
Snoop Dogg Ego Trippin'
Song of the Mississippi  
Soul Science by Juldeh Camara and Justin Adams
Souls of Mischief 93 'til Infinity
Souls of Mischief Montezuma's Revenge
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger
Soundgarden Down On the Upside
Soundgarden Superunknown
Sound of Urchin, The The Diamond
Sound System International Dub LP  
Steel Pulse True Democracy
Steel Pulse Caught You
Steel Pulse Earth Crisis
Steel Pulse Tribute to the Martyrs
Steel Pulse Handsworth Revolution
Steel Pulse Living Legacy
Steel Pulse State of Emergency
Steel Pulse African Holocaust
Steel Pulse Babylon the Bandit
Steel Pulse Victims
Steel Pulse Rastafari Centennial:  Live in Paris
Steel Pulse Rastanthology II:  The Sequel
Steel Pulse Rage and Fury
Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan
Steely Dan Alive in America
Steely Dan Citizen (4 disc set)
Steely Dan Everything Must Go
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic
Steve Kimock Band East Meets West
Steve Miller Band, The Greatest Hits 1974-1978
Steve Miller Band, The Young Hearts (Complete Greatest Hits)
Stevens, Cat Majikat
Stevens, Cat The Very Best of Cat Stevens
Stevens, Cat (Yusuf) Roadsinger
Sting/The Police The Very Best of Sting/The Police
Stitt, Sonny and Don Patterson Brothers 4
Stone Temple Pilots Core
Stratovarius Episode
Styx Greatest Hits
Suburbia Original Soundtrack
Sullivan, Jazmine Fearless
Swamp Cabbage Squeal
Swano, Dan Moontower
Techmaster P.E.B. Bass Computer
Ten Years After A Space In Time
Thackery, Jimmy and David Raitt That's It
Thicke, Robin Something Else
Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind
Third World Prisoner in the Street
Third World Journey to Addis
Third World Ultimate Collection
Third World Patriots
Thirty-Eight Special Flashback
Three-Eleven Music
Three 6 Mafia Most Known Unknown
T.I. Urban Legend
T.I. King
T.I. T.I. Vs. T.I.P.
T.I. Trap Muzik
T.I. Paper Trail
Timberlake, Justin Futuresex/Lovesounds
T-Pain Epiphany
Tipographica God Says I Can't Dance
Tipographica Tipographica
Tipographica The Man Who Does Not Nod
Tommy McCook and the Supersonics Pleasure Dub
Tonic Lemon Parade
Tool Aenima
Tool Undertow
Tornadoes, The Now and Then
Tosh, Peter Live and Dangerous --- Boston 1976
Tragedy Khadafi (Intelligent Hoodlum) Saga of a Hoodlum
Tribal Tech X
Tribe Called Quest, A The Low End Theory
Tribe Called Quest, A Beats, Rhymes and Life
Tripping Daisy I Am An Elastic Firecracker
Trower, Robin Living Out of Time
Trower, Robin Bridge of Sighs
Trower, Robin and Jack Bruce Seven Moons
Tupac Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
Tupac Better Dayz
Tupac Greatest Hits
Tupac R U Still Down? [Remember Me]
Tupac All Eyez on Me
Tupac Me Against The World
Tupac Resurrection
Tupac 2Pacalaypse Now
Tupac Thug Life Volume 1
Twista Mobstability
Twista Legit Ballin' The Album Vol. 1
Twista Adrenaline Rush
Twista Who'$ got Next
Ugly Radio Rebellion Performs the Music of Frank Zappa (live demo 2006)
Uncle Moe's Space Ranch  
Undisputed Truth The Collection
Upchurch, Phil Phil Upchurch
Usher My Way
Vai, Steve Alcatrazz---Disturbing the Peace
Vai, Steve Alien Love Secrets
Vai, Steve Alive in the Ultra World
Vai, Steve Bad Squad---Morley Promo CD
Vai, Steve Fire Garden
Vai, Steve Fire Garden (Japanese)
Vai, Steve Flex-Able
Vai, Steve Flex-Able Leftovers
Vai, Steve FZ Original Recordings (Archives Vol. 2)
Vai, Steve Guitar Techniques
Vai, Steve Italian Stallion
Vai, Steve Live in London
Vai, Steve Mystery Tracks (Archives Vol. 3)
Vai, Steve Passion and Warfare
Vai, Steve Real Illusions:  Reflections
Vai, Steve Sex and Religion
Vai, Steve The 7th Song
Vai, Steve Story of Light, The
Vai, Steve The Elusive Light and Sound Vol. 1
Vai, Steve The Ultra Zone
Vai, Steve The Ultra Zone (Japanese)
Vai, Steve Thunder Kids
Vai, Steve Ultra Zone Tour---Nijmegen, Holland
Vai, Steve Various Artists (Archives Vol. 4)
Vai, Steve Volume 1
Vai, Steve Volume 2
Vai, Steve Western Vacation
Van Halen Van Halen
Van Halen Balance
Van Halen 5150
Van Halen Van Halen 3
Varese The Complete Works
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Blues at Sunrise
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Couldn't Stand the Weather
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Greatest Hits
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Live Alive
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Soul to Soul
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Stevie Ray with Albert King
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble Texas Flood
Velvet Revolver Contraband
Ventures, The Surfing
Voorhees, Matt Untitled
Walsh, Joe Greatest Hits Little Did He Know
War of the Surf Guitars  
Waterboy, The Original Soundtrack
Weather Report Mysterious Traveller
Weather Report Heavy Weather
Weather Report This Is Jazz
Ween Chocolate & Cheese
West, Kanye Graduation
Whitesnake Whitesnake
White Zombie La Sexorcisto
Who, The Live at Leeds
Who, The Then and Now:  1964-2004
Widespread Panic 4-27-99 Moran Theatre, Jacksonville, FL
Widespread Panic Ain't Life Grand
Widespread Panic Ball
Widespread Panic Don't Tell the Band
Widespread Panic Til the Medicine Takes
William Orbit Strange Cargoes
Willis, Ike Enigma
Willis, Ike Dirty Pictures
Willis, Ike Shoulda Gone Before I Left
Wilson, Delroy Dub Plate Style
Winwood, Steve Back in the High Life
Wolfman Jack's Halloween Special Scary Sounds
Wolfmother Wolfmother
Wonder, Stevie Characters
Wonder, Stevie The Definitive Collection
Yardbirds, The The Masters
Yes Fragile
Yes The Yes Story (Gold)
Young Jeezy The Inspiration
Young Jeezy The Recession
Young Jeezy Trap or Die
Young Jeezy and DJ Drama Can't Ban the Snowman
Young M.C.  Stone Cold Rhymin'
Zapp Zapp I
Zapp Zapp II
Zappa, Dweezil Automatic
Zappa, Dweezil Go With What You Know
Zappa, Frank Absolutely Free
Zappa, Frank Ahead of Their Time
Zappa, Frank Any Way the Wind Blows
Zappa, Frank Apostrophe (')
Zappa, Frank Ark, The
Zappa, Frank As and Am
Zappa, Frank At the Circus
Zappa, Frank Baby Snakes
Zappa, Frank Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life, The 
Zappa, Frank Black Pages, The 
Zappa, Frank Bongo Fury
Zappa, Frank Broadway the Hard Way
Zappa, Frank Buffalo
Zappa, Frank Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Zappa, Frank Cheap Thrills
Zappa, Frank Chunga's Revenge
Zappa, Frank Civilization Phaze III
Zappa, Frank Conceptual Continuity
Zappa, Frank Congress Shall Make No Law
Zappa, Frank Cruising With Ruben & the Jets
Zappa, Frank Cucamonga
Zappa, Frank Cucamonga Years
Zappa, Frank Disconnected Synapses
Zappa, Frank Does Humor Belong in Music?
Zappa, Frank Donna You Wanna
Zappa, Frank Dub Room Special, The
Zappa, Frank Electric Aunt Jemima
Zappa, Frank Electric Tongue
Zappa, Frank Everything Is Healing Nicely
Zappa, Frank Filmore East---June 1971
Zappa, Frank For Collectors Only
Zappa, Frank Francesco Zappa, The Music of 
Zappa, Frank Freak Out!
Zappa, Frank Freaks and Motherfuckers
Zappa, Frank Grand Wazoo, The
Zappa, Frank Guitar
Zappa, Frank Hammersmith Odeon
Zappa, Frank Have I Offended Someone?
Zappa, Frank Hot Rats
Zappa, Frank Imaginary Diseases
Zappa, Frank Interviews Volume 1
Zappa, Frank Interviews Volume 2
Zappa, Frank Jazz From Hell
Zappa, Frank Joe's Corsage
Zappa, Frank Joe's Domage
Zappa, Frank Joe's Garage
Zappa, Frank Joe's Menage
Zappa, Frank Joe's Xmasage
Zappa, Frank Just Another Band From L.A.
Zappa, Frank Lather
Zappa, Frank Leatherette
Zappa, Frank Live in Melbourne 1973
Zappa, Frank London Symphony Orchestra
Zappa, Frank Lost Episodes, The 
Zappa, Frank Lost Solos 1 and 2, The 
Zappa, Frank Lumpy Gravy
Zappa, Frank Make A Jazz Noise Here
Zappa, Frank Making of Freak Out!, The
Zappa, Frank Man From Utopia, The
Zappa, Frank Meets the Mothers of Prevention
Zappa, Frank Mothermania
Zappa, Frank Mystery Disc
Zappa, Frank Ole, Marqueson
Zappa, Frank One Shot Deal
Zappa, Frank One Size Fits All
Zappa, Frank Orchestral Favorites
Zappa, Frank Our Man in Nirvana
Zappa, Frank Over-nite Sensation
Zappa, Frank OZ
Zappa, Frank Perfect Stranger, The 
Zappa, Frank Philly '76
Zappa, Frank Piquantique
Zappa, Frank Playground Psychotics
Zappa, Frank Plays the Music of Frank Zappa
Zappa, Frank QuAudiophiliac (DVD-audio)
Zappa, Frank Roxy and Elsewhere
Zappa, Frank Saarbrucken 1978
Zappa, Frank Sheik Yerbouti
Zappa, Frank Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
Zappa, Frank Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar
Zappa, Frank Sleep Dirt
Zappa, Frank Son of Cheap Thrills
Zappa, Frank St. Patrick's Day
Zappa, Frank Strictly Commercial
Zappa, Frank Strictly Genteel
Zappa, Frank Studio Tan
Zappa, Frank Swiss Cheese/Fire
Zappa, Frank Tengo La Minchia Tanta
Zappa, Frank Them or Us
Zappa, Frank Thing-Fish
Zappa, Frank Time Sandwich
Zappa, Frank Tinseltown Rebellion
Zappa, Frank Tis the Season to Be Jelly
Zappa, Frank Trancefusion
Zappa, Frank Uncle Meat 
Zappa, Frank Unmitigated Audacity
Zappa, Frank Waka/Jawaka
Zappa, Frank Wazoo
Zappa, Frank Weasels Ripped My Flesh
Zappa, Frank We're Only In It for the Money
Zappa, Frank Whipping Post
Zappa, Frank Yellow Shark, The 
Zappa, Frank You Are What You Is
Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1
Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2
Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3
Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4
Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5
Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6
Zappa, Frank Zappa in New York
Zappa, Frank Zappa Picks---By Larry LaLonde of Primus
Zappa, Frank 200 Motels
Zappa, Frank Zoot Allures
ZatU Neves-eatnouT
Zevon, Warren Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon
Zhigge Zhigge
ZZ Top  Rancho Texicano:  Very Best of ZZ Top




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