Lyle Sundog Gordon

the Tri-color Border Collie

Age 7 - 9 months

Click on each thumbnail to see the larger picture.  Photos are arranged in reverse chronological order.


October 23, 2016

Oakwoods Metropark.





October 22, 2016

Point Pelee.  Lyle was so happy to be on the beach again.  It had been 5 months since his last visit.  As soon as he got to the sandy shore, he started digging!  He laid down in the sand and was so happy.  The park was open late for Dark Sky night, so this was his first nighttime hike.  Lyle has excellent night vision and was a great leader dog on the trails after dark.














October 15, 2016

Seven Lakes State Park.










October 9, 2016

Huron Meadows Metropark.






October 8, 2016

Pinckney State Park.  "Moss Paradise" to Pickerel Lake Pier and back.














October 7, 2016

Lyle playing ball in his yard with my dad.


October 5, 2016

Lyle has been falling asleep in his car-riding crate lately.



October 2, 2016

Proud Lake State Park.  Lyle was better than ever today on the trails.  When people were passing by, he sat down without me even telling him to do so, and gave them room to pass without trying to jump up on them.  He was also very patient when I wanted to take a picture, and actually sat down and waited instead of pulling me all over the place.


He decided to urinate on the rock I was photographing.


He sat for quite a few photos while listening to kayakers we could hear, but couldn't see.





October 1, 2016

Waterloo State Park, Lyndon Park North.



Pinckney State Park, Losee Lake.



Later this evening.




September 28, 2016

I came downstairs to find him sitting in my chair at the kitchen table.  He's never done this before.  After snapping a couple shots, he proceeded to lick the table.



September 27, 2016

Laying in one of his chairs with his tail between his eyes.



September 25, 2016

Waterloo State Park, Baldwin Flooding.




The plants in the foreground are quite unusual.  I've never seen them at any other park.


Later this evening, Lyle watches the 9-23-16 video of himself playing with Mr. Bubbles.


September 24, 2016

Lyle at Waterloo Discovery Center.  He was looking at a chipmunk in the first photo.



September 23, 2016

Playing with Woody and his new Mr. Bubbles toy that makes bubbly sounds when pressed in the center.







Here he is later in the evening playing with Mr. Bubbles.


September 22, 2016

Lyle's new Woody Woodpecker toy that does the Woody laugh when pressed in his belly.  Lyle loves toys that make sounds.



September 18, 2016

Crosswinds Marsh.  He was a little nervous in the first two photos because I was a short distance away, rescuing a painted turtle that a girl had caught with a fishing hook.


Lyle was much more relaxed after I returned.


Here he is on the boardwalk/bridge.



September 17, 2016

Lyle visited Sterling State Park for the first time today.  He met two leashed dogs and interacted very well with them (not pictured).  Unfortunately, dogs aren't allowed on the beach of Lake Erie, but the first three photos show him on an offshoot of a trail that led to a less "official" beach, so he could at least enjoy getting somewhat close to the water.  There are plenty of other trails to enjoy though.






September 16, 2016

Lyle has been falling asleep in the crate in which he rides in the car since I placed it in the foyer near the kitchen.  I'm surprised he would choose it over his favorite chair.



September 12, 2016

Whenever I am loading the dishwasher, there's Lyle, ready to lick each piece after it goes in!



September 9, 2016

Lyle got a new bird toy tonight, but he broke open the beak in no time and started pulling out the stuffing.



He had to curl up with Piggy instead, which he brought up into his chair on his own volition.


Later this evening, I found him with the curtains draped partially over him.



September 8, 2016

I am never quick enough to get a video set up for this funny behavior, but here are some photos of him wrapped up in the chair's cover.  He does this all by himself.


Today, he decided to try a new bad behavior---lifting his leg on my large croton houseplant.  Luckily, it is setting on the linoleum in the kitchen.  After two times of doing so, and being brought outside, then put in time-out in his bed, he seems to understand that he is not supposed to do that.  Update:  He tried it again on 9-11-16.


September 7, 2016

Guilty Lyle.  He is starting to take off the cover on the chair, which he loves to do, but was caught in the act.

Later this evening, he got into mischief.  I forgot to close the gate to the upstairs, and he got up there and shredded up the bottom decorations on the woodburned door, which consisted of animal fur, real sponges, dried flowers and a live plant.  Luckily, he only knocked over the live plant and did not shred it, but not much else could be salvaged.



September 6, 2016

Crashed out using one of his favorite toys as a pillow.



September 4, 2016

Huron Meadows Metropark.  Lyle wore his back pack for part of the time.





September 3, 2016

Oakwoods Metropark equestrian trails.  Lyle wore his backpack and carried 4oz. of water on each side, his collapsible water bowl, and his poop bag.  For the first set of photos, he had it off, and was rolling around in the grass.








August 31, 2016

Just laying in the sun.


August 30, 2016

Lyle now picks up his talking ball and brings it up on his chair.  I also decided to try on the backpack I bought a while back.  It fits him now, and he's old enough to wear it.  He seemed to calm down as soon as it was on.



August 28, 2016

Super early morning.  Lyle is loving his new talking ball, the Wobble Wag Giggle.

Today, Lyle visited the Morton Taylor Trailhead park for the first time.  It was a very hot day though, and we didn't do much.  Most of the pictures are of him resting and panting.






Here is a video of Lyle panting.  He lives up to his name of Gordon the Train---he sounds like a chugging train!


August 27, 2016

Lyle still enjoys playing with his treat ball.

But tonight, I found him a ball I knew he would like even better.  It has three sound tubes inside that make funny giggly baby sounds when it is moved around.  At first, Lyle was a little wary of it, as seen in this video, but he got more comfortable with it as the night went on (see August 28, 2016 above).

Lyle is convinced that the phrase, "He's so cute," means there is a cute, wild animal outside the doorwall!  I must have said it too often when something was out there.


August 26, 2016

Holliday Park.  The first three photos depict an interesting area where tiled floors of most likely an old bathroom, still exist, right in the middle of the woods!



Tired out afterwards.



August 25, 2016

This is his "I have to go outside" face.


He stole my lingerie washing bag so many times from the laundry room and destroyed the zipper on it.  I finally just gave it to him as a toy since it was now useless.  He has been enjoying it for a couple months now, but I hadn't photographed him with it until tonight.


Here he is falling asleep in his favorite chair.




August 24, 2016

Playing with his rope.





August 23, 2016

Playing ball at my parents' house.  I tried to take some action shots, but they are pretty blurry as it was evening.






August 22, 2016

Playing ball at my parents' house.





Lyle's wound from 2 days ago, healing up.  I've been putting antibiotic ointment on several times a day.  I hope it doesn't leave a physical scar in addition to the mental one.



August 21, 2016

A rainy day in Holliday Park.


Here is the log he loves to jump over, and two photos of him digging.


A scent had caught his attention.


He found a stick to shred up.


It had just rained.  The last photo shows one of his favorite things---licking up rain water from plant leaves.



August 20, 2016

For several weeks now, every time my phone rings and plays the ringtone for my dad, Lyle runs to the front door and barks.  He doesn't do this for any other ringtones.  This association happened because usually when my dad calls, he is on way over and will be arriving shortly, or he is at my door already.  Lyle is clearly very intelligent to have picked up on that.

Tonight, something terrible happened.  He was leashed on his walk through the neighborhood and got attacked by a unleashed dog twice his mass while walking past the dog's yard.  I am so thankful Lyle has such incredible reflexes (he's always jumping away from me, running, and hiding when it's time to go in his bed, so he's good at this).  If he hadn't jumped away immediately, his wounds surely would have been worse, and his throat could have been torn open, instead of receiving just a small gash.  Update:  Unfortunately, after this incident, he seems more frightened of walking in the neighborhood and I will have to work even harder on his training.  We had been walking in the neighborhood almost every day, but I am now taking him to the park and my parents' more often.  It is unfortunate that there are such irresponsible owners here.



August 14, 2016

Lyle went to Holliday Park today, but it was too dark and drizzly for any good photos.  Here is one blurry one of him jumping over a large log, which he seemed to enjoy, as he loves jumping over obstacles on the trail.


August 13, 2016

Today, Lyle decided to try lifting his leg to urinate for the first time.  He tried it on my front hedges, but luckily after I told him not to twice, he hasn't done it again.


August 11, 2016

Afternoon, chewing on his nylabone.



August 10, 2016

Afternoon nap on his favorite chair.



August 7, 2016

Lyle enjoyed his first time at Holliday Park, which is actually the closest park to my home, but we hadn't visited it until today.  Lyle really enjoys leaping over obstructing logs.  Unfortunately, it was too dark to photograph him in action, but he jumped the two logs in the 5th photo.  I had expected him to step on top of the logs to get over them, but he didn't set a foot on them!




August 2, 2016

Just playing with toys.



July 31, 2016



July 30, 2016

A new sheep stuffed toy that only lasted about 1/2 hour before he detached the tail and had a hole in it and was removing stuffing.





July 26, 2016

His ears were doing something funny in the first two photos.  Then I talked to him in silly voices and he made different faces.




July 24, 2016

On his 7-month birthday, he decided to have his ears down and forward.  I haven't figured out why he does this every once in a while.  He looks like a different dog.




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