Lyle Sundog Gordon

the Tri-color Border Collie

Age 3 - 4 months

Click on each thumbnail to see the larger picture.  Photos are arranged in reverse chronological order.


May 23, 2016

Lyle discovered that the coolest place in the house is on the tiles by the fireplace.


Here he is reacting to his own video of himself playing in the sand at Point Pelee.


May 21, 2016

Lyle's first time to Canada, and to the beach.  He visited Point Pelee today, which was also my first beach as a child.  First, he did the boardwalk, and was very excited that there were so many people around.


Next, we walked from the nature center to the beach.  These photos are his first time hearing and seeing the water.





Here is a video of him just after reaching the shore.

Next, he discovered the sand, and thoroughly enjoyed digging many holes.  Here is a video and some photos of him digging.





Lyle checking out balloons and digging.




Hanging out near sunset.




Listening to the birds just before dark.


May 20, 2016

Lyle often leaves his toys setting inside the window frame.  Here, he has left his ball there.  In the video, you can hear his new "big boy" bark.


May 18, 2016

Here is Lyle running in my parents' backyard with a woodchip in his mouth.


May 16, 2016

Lyle decided to drop his squirrel toy into the dishwasher today.



May 14, 2016

Lyle's first time at Point Mouillee.  The highlight was when he found a glove in the tall grass on the side of the trail and flipped it around.






May 8, 2016

Lyle enjoyed his first time on the equestrian trails at Oakwoods Metropark.










I couldn't believe how calmly he sat for this photo shoot!









May 12, 2016

Lyle's new toy.



May 6, 2016

Lyle hanging out in the front yard.



May 5, 2016

Lyle snuck up on my chair again with his frog toy from the 80's (it was inside an old kennel in the attic).  Then after I made him get down, he set the frog on the other chair!




May 1, 2016

Lyle visited Crosswinds Marsh for the second time, although a different portion that contained boardwalks.  He seemed to enjoy looking over the water while on the bridges and listening to and watching the geese.



Here he is shredding up some dead grass and laying on the boardwalk.





Lyle is very intrigued by geese and their sounds.



April 28, 2016

Playing with his pig toy and laying by the back door.




April 26, 2016

Watching the birds outside and playing with towels in his crate.




April 24, 2016

Lyle visited the Le Furge Preserve for the third time, again enjoying the grassy dandelion area.








April 23, 2016

Watching over Don the Spadefoot.



Lyle visited the Le Furge Preserve for the second time.  He especially enjoyed this grassy area with dandelions.  The first two rows were taken a little over an hour prior to the others.










The first sundog of the year.  There was only one, to the left of the sun.


Lyle crashed out by the back door later tonight.


Later this evening, he snuck onto my chair, which he's never done before.  First, he got up, then settled back down for the next two photos.  The last photo was taken about an hour later, when he snuck up there again!



April 22, 2016

Today he surprised me and brought his soft detachable bed covering out of his crate and played with it in the kitchen and on Darwin's bed.








Later this evening, he played with his new fox toy.





April 20, 2016

Here is Lyle in my parents' backyard, and then at home with his new pig toy.







April 19, 2016

Only one photo for today, but it's a good one!  His new front teeth are coming in!


April 18, 2016

He hadn't been in Bunny Boy's house for a while, so I decided to throw his frog toy in there and see what happened.  He went in after it, but this may very well be the last time he goes in there.



April 17, 2016

Lyle visited Brighton State Park for the first time today.





Here he is later this evening playing with his bone, laying in the kitchen, and crashed out in his transportation kennel that was setting in the foyer!  I line it with towels when he is in it, which were being washed, but he didn't seem to care and fell asleep for about 2 hours.







April 16, 2016

Lyle visited Waterloo State Park for the first time today. 










April 15, 2016

Just some photos of Lyle practicing going down the stairs.






Later in the evening.



April 13, 2016

Lyle lost his first tooth!  The left bottom front tooth.


April 12, 2016

Today, something funny happened (not photographed):  I was cleaning out his crate and took all his toys out of it.  He brought his duck toy back into the empty crate, which was interesting because this is one of the toys I always leave in his crate.  It was as if he was telling me not to forget that the duck stays in his crate.  Below, he is shown resting in the kitchen and playing with what is left of his leather rhino.






April 11, 2016

He still enjoys hanging out under the couch in the family room.



April 10, 2016

I think he looks really cute when he is laying down and one can see his face from a different angle.  It is really hard to capture though because as soon as I am ready to take the picture, he moves.



Looking out the window and still squeezing into Bunny Boy's house.



April 9, 2016

Lyle visited Proud Lake State Park again, but a different region.  His favorite thing today was eating the snow that had collected in certain areas along the trail.





Later that evening.







April 8, 2016

These were all taken late at night, technically on April 9, 2016.  He is playing with his leather rhinoceros and laying in Bunny Boy's house.




April 7, 2016

Hanging out with Bunny Boy.



He had forgotten about Bunny Boy's house for 4 days.  I put his bone in there to see if he could fit.  The whole thing collapsed around him and I thought he was finally too big for it...


...but he proved me wrong.  Later that afternoon, he was comfortably lounging in it.


Chillin' on Darwin's bed.


He actually fell asleep in Bunny Boy's house!



He is waking up from a nap that he chose to take in his crate without being locked up.  Later this evening, he brought his treat ball into Bunny Boy's house.



April 6, 2016

For reference, Lyle currently weighs 20 pounds.

Lyle's new toy from my mom, a leather rhinoceros, which will not last long, but he sure is enjoying it!





Resting in front of the fireplace.



April 5, 2016

Hanging out in the sun with Don the Spadefoot.



Going down the stairs after sneaking up just before we were heading out for a walk with his new harness.  Laying down in the laundry room.



April 4, 2016

Just playing with toys and lounging around.








April 3, 2016

As of the evening of April 1, Lyle has started to lay in his crate on his own on occasion at night, without me telling him he has to go in.  We've also been working on learning how to come down the stairs (I'm worried he will go up, which he does excellently, and try to go down in a hurry after I catch him sneaking up there, knowing that he's not supposed to be upstairs, and hurt himself, so I figured we better work on how to do the stairs properly).  He's making good progress.  He also enjoys having his teeth brushed, which I've been doing for several weeks every evening.  Yesterday, I moved my dental care items to the downstairs bathroom (so I can limit how much I need to go upstairs and can keep him free in the house), and he saw me brushing my teeth for the first time.  He started barking and getting jealous that we weren't brushing his teeth, so now the new routine is when I brush mine in the evening, he gets his brushed right afterward.

This first picture is from late last night, where once again, he decided to go to bed on his own.  Still just barely fitting in Bunny Boy's house.


Later this afternoon, he visited Island Lake State Park and did a bit of the trail near the River Bends Picnic lot on the Huron River.












April 1, 2016

Still trying to fit in Bunny Boy's house, sleeping, and playing with his pheasant toy.





Late at night, for the first time ever, he decided to go to sleep in his bed without me telling him it was time for bed.  Unfortunately, the nice beds I bought got shredded already, so he has some towels and a pad underneath to sleep on until he stops shredding his beds.  I do put toys in with him, but sometimes the bedding is more fun to destroy.


March 31, 2016

Still trying to fit in Bunny Boy's house, and playing with toys.  In the second to last photo, he is stretching, so his front legs look really long.  The last photo shows him sleeping.




March 30, 2016

Still trying to fit in Bunny Boy's house, and playing with toys.




Here is a video of him playing with his treat ball and making some funny sounds.


March 29, 2016

Lyle is the only dog I've ever known that doesn't mind having his ears flipped backward.  Sometimes they end up like this on their own, and he doesn't seem to care.  I flipped them back for these photos and he kept them this way for about a half hour!  I imagine it is due to the fact that his father had prick ears, so maybe they aren't uncomfortable to him being flipped back.





March 28, 2016

Maybury State Park.  Lyle enjoyed digging through the pine needles at the bottom of this large tree, until he heard a bird that caught his attention.




Just hanging out.




March 27, 2016

Huron Meadows Metropark.  One of the few metroparks that allows dogs on the nature trails.  Lyle had a great time, and especially enjoyed hearing the frogs, which were making a cacophony throughout the park on this unusually warm 70-degree day.  I took a couple videos of him listening to the wood frogs.







Here he is dreaming after returning home.  Looks like he's imagining eating something at the end.


March 26, 2016

Lyle investigates the strange sounds of techno music.


March 25, 2016

Listening to the birds outside.




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