Lyle Sundog Gordon

the Tri-color Border Collie

Age 1 - 1 1/2 years

Click on each thumbnail to see the larger picture.  Photos are arranged in reverse chronological order.


June 22, 2017

Lyle playing in the sprinkler setting on the hose nozzle, his newest favorite thing to do.


June 18, 2017

Proud Lake State Park.













June 13, 2017

Trying to get both spike balls in his mouth.  He accomplished the task for a few seconds just before I took the first photo.


In the curtains by the front door.




June 11, 2017

I found him falling asleep in the cradle.




June 9, 2017

Maybury State Park.










He seemed to remember this sewage structure he sat on last time, climbing right up for photos.



Later this evening.




June 6, 2017

Lyle ran around outside for a long time today.  He was tired.  First, he is pictured on his new orange cooling pad.  Then he is shown in his bed and his chair.  I have tried several times to give him comfy pads in his bed, but he doesn't like them.  He prefers to lay on the plastic liner and use blankets for cushioning.





June 3, 2017

Lyle's first visit to Deerfield Hills Nature Area.








June 1, 2017

Playing with lobster and elephant toys.


May 31, 2017

Late night, under the couch with spikeball.



May 30, 2017

This was a funny moment.  I caught him biting up the cover on his chair and wrestling around with the bottom of it.  As soon as I said his name, he froze in an awkward position with his right front leg wrapped up in the blanket.  He pretended to be sleeping for all the time I was looking at him and taking the pictures.  Then when I put the camera away, he popped up and started playing with his toys.



Late this evening, I was surprised to find him curled up in the cradle with spikeball!  He only stayed there for a few minutes, but I was lucky to capture some photos.  Notice his funny lip in the second to last photo, as he is looking at spikeball, which he rolled out of the cradle.





May 28, 2017

Here he is at around 10 pm, with curtains over his head.  He does this a lot, but I'm usually not fast enough with the camera.



May 27, 2017

Seven Lakes State Park.






Lyle saw his first hot air balloon today.  I've never had a dog that paid so much attention to the sky.  The first few times Lyle saw the moon, he barked at it.  He pays attention to airplanes, helicopters and birds (especially birds of prey).  Fortunately, he didn't seem to be worried about the balloon and the strange sounds it was making.




He had a great time in the sand.





May 23, 2017

After I finished folding up the clothes, Lyle decided to roll Spikeball into the dryer drum, as he often does.  He still won't get it out though.


Several minutes later, he really surprised me when I saw him sitting in the cradle!  He only sat there for about a minute.


May 21, 2017

Looking out the front window.


Eddy Discovery Center, Waterloo State Park.

One of the first things he did was roll around in the dirt.



He seemed to remember the outdoor "amphitheater" of bench seats.  He went right to the top and got comfortable.





It has become apparent that Lyle has made the connection between benches and rest spots.  He stopped and laid down by a couple benches all on his own, even though we weren't planning to stop.




After his shower.




May 20, 2017

Lyle's new lobster toy from my parents.



May 18, 2017

Lyle and a new orange ball.



May 14, 2017

Lyndon Park South, Waterloo State Park.

The first set of photos would have been great, except that the right side of Lyle's mouth was full of dirt.  It's funny how taking pictures of him for only about one minute can result in so many different expressions.





He dug a small hole and laid down.  I think he must have discovered that the ground is cooler underneath the top layer.



May 8, 2017

I've been trying for several months to capture a video of Lyle and his ball-playing antics.  Every time I put the camera on him, he only wants to interact with me, and keeps rolling the ball to my feet, instead of playing by himself and batting the ball around.  He always puts on a great show when someone is over, so I decided to record him while my mom was over today.  I edited out a couple slow parts where he rolled the ball to my mom and tried to get her to interact.



May 7, 2017

Brighton State Park.







May 4, 2017

He had one ear up, so I took a couple pictures.



May 3, 2017

3 combined clips of Lyle playing with his blanket.


April 29, 2017

Holliday Park.











April 23, 2017

Crosswinds Marsh.











April 19, 2017

Acting innocent, as if he wasn't about to bite up the blanket, which he then proceeded to do.



April 17, 2017

Playing with his stuffed sheep toy.


April 16, 2017

Waterloo State Park, Sackrider Hill area.









April 14, 2017

Oakwoods Metropark equestrian trails.









April 7, 2017

He fell asleep in his crate tonight.



April 1, 2017

Waterloo, Eddy Discovery Center.

By my favorite growing pine.




At the bog on the boardwalk and enjoying a grassy area.



Chilling out at the "amphitheater," jumping over fallen trees, and enjoying some views of the swampy areas.


His favorite place to relax, on the overlook platform.


Enjoying the lakeshore.



March 26, 2017

These were taken in the dark, with the infrared sensor and flash.  It is funny how he likes to have the curtain draped over him, this time covering his eyes!



March 24, 2017

Lyle's first visit to this section of Waterloo State Park, near #14.


He surprised me and sat near one of my favorite trees that one can fit inside of.  He was afraid to go in though.





March 23, 2017

Lyle loves putting spikeball into weird places, like the dryer.  Today, he decided to roll it off the seat of the toilet into the bowl.  He didn't know what to do after that.  He wouldn't get it back out after I asked him to repeatedly, and then just decided to lay down by the side of the toilet and give up.




March 19, 2017

Lyle's first visit to Pontiac Lake State Park.











Moss Paradise 4-season series

I completed the 1-year, 4-season series of Lyle and me walking through one of my favorite areas that I refer to as "Moss Paradise" since it has the most hairy moss I've ever seen, and one can sit atop it and enjoy the surroundings.  Usually, hairy moss is in very wet areas, but for some reason, it thrives on this sandy hill.  The series didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but it is very hard to line up all the components exactly the same each time while viewing them through the camera's display.  Once back home, with the photos on the computer screen, I immediately see the mistakes and where I should have positioned the tripod.  I also hoped the fall photo would have more warm colors, but even though it was October, the trees in this area had not begun to change yet, except for the small red sumacs.  Here is one favorite photo from each season, beginning with spring 2016.



March 16, 2017

Pinckney State Park, Pickerel Lake.






March 14, 2017

Playing with big log and rope in the snow.


March 12, 2017

Oakwoods Metropark.










Later this evening, messing up the cover on the chair.



March 8, 2017

Lyle is now very careful when Don the Spadefoot is in his plastic cage in the sun to eat and soak near the doorwall.  Don is in the cage with the white top.  Lyle goes all the way over to the left to peer between the cactus and the chair if he wants to look outside. 



March 6, 2017

Lyle's new cow-ball (with a big spikey ball inside that he will enjoy once he tears off the covering).





March 5, 2017

Brighton State Park.  Lyle has been on these trails once before.  This time, he didn't try to drink the water in the rock depression.





March 4, 2017

Late night.  Lyle was playing with spike-ball, but then he spotted a yellow sac spider on the ceiling and barked at it to let me know it was up there.



March 2, 2017

Lyle watching the fox squirrel in the feeder attached to the doorwall.  In the last photo, you can see the squirrel in mid-air as it jumped down along the side of the wall (to Lyle's surprise!).



February 26, 2017

Maybury State Park.










Here is a video of him rolling around.

Lyle enjoys the docks and boardwalks, watching the waterfowl.


I hoped to get a nice photo of Lyle by this rock, but he had other ideas.


Later this evening, he fell asleep in his chair with his favorite ball, "spike-ball."



February 25, 2017

After being told it was time to brush his teeth.



February 20, 2017



February 18, 2017

Waterloo State Recreation Area, Eddy Discovery Center trails.  The third photo shows Lyle next to a tiny pine tree I've been photographing since November 18, 2012.


Lyle enjoyed laying on the wooden overlook platform, possibly remembering his last visits.  He also enjoyed rolling in the leaves along the Lakeview Trail.










February 17, 2017

Lyle with his new Jumbo Ball (and medium ball).


February 16, 2017

Laying by the front door, covered with a curtain.  This was taken in the dark, with the infrared sensor and flash.



February 13-14, 2017

Lyle and his new Jumbo ball.

February 11, 2017

Crosswinds Marsh.  Lyle found a good smell on one of the boardwalk posts.  He salivates like crazy when he finds something like this, and makes the funniest sounds!



Nothing like a good picnic table.








February 10, 2017

Playing with his rope in the backyard.


February 9, 2017

Back to drinking water out of the bucket.  This time, with his water bowl inside.


February 2, 2017

I got Lyle the large size of the ball he enjoys so much.  He seems to like it better than the medium, and played with it all night.



January 28, 2017

LeFurge Preserve.











Later this evening, he fell asleep with one of his favorite balls before moving to his chair.



January 27, 2017

Late night.  He had his front legs crossed funny tonight.




January 26, 2017

Late night.


Janurary 24, 2017

Playing with his two favorite balls.


January 21, 2017

Proud Lake State Park.




He rolled around a lot in the taller grass.














Looking at the fog that rolled in after sunset.  The last photo shows his raised hackles because there is an unknown car at the lot.




January 20, 2017

Just wanted to show how funny he is.  Sometimes, he'll eat all his food except one compartment, like he did this evening!


January 18, 2017

Just hanging out in his small crate with his favorite ball.


January 14, 2017

Oakwoods Metropark.







January 7, 2017

Playing with his rope in the backyard.  This is the first time he's combined lateral motion with his clockwise spin.


December 31, 2016

Holliday Park.













December 30, 2016

Barking (he has to go outside), playing with his rope, and sliding around on his laundry bag while playing with two other toys at the same time.


He had his right ear down, so I took a few pictures.



December 28, 2016

Lyle received Brian's birthday present today, a ball I picked out.  As soon as I saw it, I knew he'd like it.  It's also comfortable for him to catch, not too full of saliva to pick up, and quiet as it bounces around the room.  He liked it so much he fell asleep with it in his chair.



December 25, 2016

Le Furge Preserve.  Lyle loved the snow, but we didn't stay out too long so his feet wouldn't get cold.




He jumped right up on this table upon seeing it.  There were already other dog paw prints on it.







December 24, 2016

Lyle's birthday photo session.

A couple test shots.


Lyle found this whole thing very boring!











He had fallen asleep for about half of the previous shoot, he was so bored.  He finally took off his headband and yawned, and had a look that said, "can we please be done with this?"


Late this evening, he was sleeping on the chair while the cover was being washed in a position I've never seen him in before.




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